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Various Remote Control Technologies

About Garage Door Opener Remotes

Understanding Remote Controls

Bearcat Company made this little writeup to help those seeking to understand which garage door opener remote controls they need. Over the years there has been many different types of garage door openers and remote controls on the market. Hopefully this article will clear up some questions.

Start with the make, model and frequency of your existing remote(s), receiver or garage door opener. Openers over 15 years old normally have a separate small receiver box, externally mounted on or near the opener powerhead itself. SEE FIGURE 1. The front, back or side of the opener powerhead should have three terminal connectors where the receiver connections are made. SEE FIGURE 2. On the back of the remote or receiver there should be make and model information. SEE FIGURE 3.

Later Genie garage door openers have a seperate internal receiver card that slides into the power head chassis. SEE FIGURE 4. Liftmaster, Chamberlain and Sears openers are equipped with a complete receiver/logic board panel. SEE FIGURE 5.

Frequency as in megahertz or mhz is the next consideration. Frequencies are manufacture specific and regulated by the F.C.C. Earlier Liftmaster, Chamberlain, Sears and Genie use 390 mhz. Allister/Allstar use 288 and 318 mhz. Linear and Stanley use 310 mhz. Multicode uses 300 mhz. Most new garage door opener-remotes are 315 mhz. Liftmaster, Chamberlain and Craftman utilize Security+ 2.0 Tri-Band (310/315/390 MHz). Both the receiver and remote frequencies must match with the exception of some later universal remote control products available.

Another consideration is how to code or program the remote control to the garage opener or receiver. Earlier openers, receivers or remotes use digital technowledgy and are programmed by a series of small dip/switches to set the codes. SEE FIGURE 6 . Later model openers, remotes or receivers use rolling code technowledgy. Openers with rolling codes are programmed with a learning button. SEE FIGURE 7.

Both digital and rolling code external type radiocontrols can be installed as a replacement for early model garage door openers. For information regarding receiver/remote programming and installation procedures Go Here. For remote control products Go Here.