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Garage Door Opener

Reviews and Comparisons

SkyLink garage door opener reviews

  • SkyLink EQ 2511 1/2 hp Chain or Belt Drive
  • 1 X Remote
  • Push Button

  • SkyLink EQ 2512 1/2 hp Chain or Belt Drive
  • 1 X Remote
  • Multi-Function Wall Control

  • SkyLink EQ 2522 1/2 hp Chain or Belt Drive
  • 2 X Remotes
  • Multi-Function Wall Control

  • SkyLink IQ 2723 3/4 hp Chain or Belt Drive
  • 2 X Remotes.
  • L.E.D. Multi-Function Wall Control.
  • Event Log.
  • Diagnostics.
  • Time Lick.

  • Skylink residential garage door openers offer reliability and durability. They are engineered to provide ultimate safety and security. The Skylink garage door opener has a DC motor which provides quiet operation compared to traditional garage door openers. Skylink offers a variety of Garage Door Kits which offer various garage door accessories. Whether you are looking for multiple remotes, or an exterior Keyless Entry Keypad, we've got a kit for you.


    Rolling Code Technology

    • An encrypted code, which is different from the previous code, is generated for every Remote activation.

    Optimal Force Learnings
    • The microprocessor automatically sets the garage doors opening and closing forces. There is no need to set the force yourself, simply run a full cycle.

    Safety Beam Sensors
    • Door automatically reverses if an obstacle is detected beneath the door while closing.

    Soft Start, Soft Stop
    • Accelerates slowly to full speed and slows down before coming to a complete stop. It reduces vibration and wear and tear on all mechanical parts.

    Durable Chain / Belt Drive
    • All SkyLink Garage Door Opener models are available with either the Chain or Belt Drive.

    Professional Full Length One Piece Rail
    • All SkyLink Garage Door Opener models are available with a full solid one piece rail. 7',8'or 10' heights available.

    Easy to Install
    • The Garage Door Opener entails simple installation and programming. Installation guides and user manuals are all included.

    • 1 Year - Electronics & Mechanical
    • 6 Years - Motor

    Bearcat Company is part of the Troy A. Fike Enterprises network.