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Bearcat Company - Genie Trouble Shooting

Genie Trouble Shooting

Garage Door Opener Trouble Shooting

Genie Pro Trouble Shooting

Bearcat Company provides some basic Genie garage door opener trouble shooting for those that seek a little help before calling the manufacture or a local garage door repair service company. The garage door opener troubleshooting information here might help in diagnosing problems with remote controls, sequensors, control boards, safety sensors and garage doors that do not open or close properly. Remember Safety First.

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  Genie Screw Drive Series IS, ISL, IC, H with Intellicode Series II Electronics
  Genie Chain Glide Series GCG, PCG, H with Intellicode Series II Electronics
  Genie Steath Promax Series GPS-IC, PMX-IC B with Intellicode Series II Electronics
   Genie Excelerator Series H8000D, ISD990. ISD990-2, ISD995, ISD995-2WKM, ISD1000, CMD9900, PrO99