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Bearcat Company - Remote Control Programming

Garage Door Remote Control Coding

Garage Door Opener Remote Programming

Codes for Garage Door Opener Remotes

Bearcat Company remote programming list for those that want to program their garage door openers. This is an extensive list of past and current remote control programming and coding instructions, Intellicode, Security+ and more.

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  Liftmaster 61LM , 62LM , 63LM dip/switch type code Remotes. 1984 to 1993

  Liftmaster 64LM 4-btn mini dip/switch type code Remote. 1984 to 1993

  Liftmaster 81LM , 83LM Billion-Code Remotes. 1993 to 1997

  Liftmaster 82LM , 84LM Billion-Code Remotes. 1993 to 1997

  Liftmaster 971LM Security+ Remote. 1997 to 2005

  Liftmaster 972LM Security+ Remote. 1997 to 2005

  Liftmaster 973LM Security+ Remote. 1997 to 2005

  Liftmaster 974LM Security+ Remote. 1997 to 2005

  Liftmaster 970LM Security+ Mini Remote. 1997 to 2005

  Liftmaster 371LM 315MHz Security+ Remote. 2005 to present

  Liftmaster 372LM 315MHz Security+ Remote. 2005 to present

  Liftmaster 373LM 315MHz Security+ Remote. 2005 to present

  Liftmaster 374LM 315MHz Security+ Remote. 2005 to present

  Liftmaster 370LM 315MHz Security+ Mini Remote. 2005 to present

  Liftmaster 65LM Hardwired Keypad. 1984 to 1993

  Liftmaster 66LM Wireless Keypad. 1993 to 1997

  Liftmaster 976LM Security+ Wireless Keypad. 1997 to 2005

  Liftmaster 376LM 315MHz Security+ Wireless Keypad. 2005 to present

  Liftmaster 891LM, 893LM Security+ 2.0. 2012 to present

  Liftmaster 890 MAX, 893 MAX, 895 MAX Security+ 2.0. 1993+ to present compatible

  Chamberlain 950CB , 953CB , 956CB Remotes. Security+

  Chamberlain 850CB , 853CB , 856CB Remotes. Billion Code

  Chamberlain 750CB , 753CB , 756CB Remotes. Dip Switch

  Chamberlain 940CB Wireless Keypad. Security+

  Chamberlain 740CB Wireless Keypad. Billion Code

  Chamberlain 40CB Hardwired Keypad. Early

  Genie 912 , GPT/90-1 dip/switch type Remotes.

  Genie GIT-1 , GIT-2 , GIT-3 Intellicode Remotes.

  Genie GMI-3BL , GMIC90-2( similar ) Intellicode mini 3-btn Remote.

  Genie KEP-1 Hardwired Keypad.

  Genie GWK-BL 6 or 12 dip/switch Keypad.

  Genie GWKIC Intellicode Wireless Keypad.

  Genie GWKP Intellicode Series II Wireless Keypad.

  Genie GK-BX Intellicode Intellicode Wireless Keypad.

  Genie GICT390-1, GICT390-1, GIFT390-1 with flashlite Intellicode Remote.

  Genie GICDT-1 , GICDT-3, GIFTD-1 with flashlite Intellicode Remote.

  Genie GLR-BX Closed Confirm Remote - GN-BX Network Adapter.

  Genie GITR-3 390Mhz Intellicode Remote.

  Genie G3T-BX 3-Button Remote - dual frequency 390/315mhz.

  Genie GM3T 3-Button Master Remote.

  Genie GBWC2 Series II Backlit Wall Console for IntelliG, TriloG .

  Genie GBWX-BX Series III Wall Console for IntelliG, TriloG.

  Genie GIWC-BX Intelligent Wall Console.

  Genie GPWC-2WLB, GWC-2 Early Wall Console.

  Genie GWC-BX Wall Button Series II with back-light.

  Genie Wall Button Series I no back-light.

  Stanley 1050 1-button Remote.

  Stanley 1082 1-button Mini Remote.

  Stanley 1094 2-button Remote.

  Stanley 1097 4-button Remote.

  Stanley 2986 Wireless Keypad.

  Stanley 4100 Hardwired Keypad.

  Multicode 3089 1-button Remote.

  Multicode 4120 2-button Remote.

  Multicode 4140 4-button Remote.

  Multicode 3060 1-button Mini Remote.

  Multicode 3070 1-button Micro Remote.

  Multicode 3083 2-button Mini Remote.

  Multicode 1090 Receiver.

  Multicode 4200 Wireless Keypad.

  Multicode 4100 Hardwired Keypad.

  Allister-Allstar 9921, 9931, 8822, 8832, 8833 Receivers-Remotes.

  Allister-Allstar 104078 Classic 3-button Remote.

  Allister-Allstar 9931 Mini Remote.

  Allister-Allstar 104078 Wireless Keypad.

  Allister-Allstar Binary to Trinary / 9921 to 9931 Supplement.

  Linear DTC 1-button Remote.

  Linear DT-2A 2-button Remote.

  Linear DT-4A 4-button Remote.

  Linear DT3+1 4-button Remote.

  Linear Lady Bug LB-B Mini Remote.

  Linear DR3 Single Channel Receiver.

  Linear DR-2 Two Channel Receiver.

  Linear DR4-V Four Channel Receiver.

  Linear DRA 12volt Single Channel Receiver.

  Linear DR4-12 12volt Four Channel Receiver.

  Linear DRQP Coaxial Single Channel Receiver.

  Linear DTKP Wireless Keypad.

  MegaCode MCT-1 , MCT-2 Remotes.

  MegaCode MDT-1 , MDT-2 , MDT-3 , MDT-4 Remotes.

  MegaCode ACT-21 , ACT-22 Mini Remotes.

  MegaCode MDR, MDR2, MDRNR, MDRM, MDRM2 Receivers.

  MegaCode MDTK Wireless Keypad.